My story

Hi! I'm Brittany Rose Larson and I founded this studio with one ambitious goal in mind: Create products and services that give you more time to bee creative.

That’s right: Every single package or service I offer in my digital boutique is designed to make your life easier as a handmade seller. I'm here to help you and make sure you’re spending your precious time crafting and not cropping.

I am the mockup and editing expert in the handmade business community, Make & Flourish. As part of this group, I found myself wanting to help other people.

And so, in addition to my design services, I also enjoy connecting with handmade sellers on an individual level through coaching or strategizing. I know what it is like to be in the throes of a difficult season as a seller, so I've created a line of mentoring services exclusive to handmade sellers. Coaching is available for sellers seeking help with mockups and editing. I'm excited to connect with you today.

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